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Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica

Johan Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica Gustafsson & Patrik Sjorgen are the founders of GoS Watches.Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica They create watches that reflect their love for Scandinavia's Viking past as well as the natural beauty of Sweden. GoS watches are as unique and unusual as they are Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica beautiful. They are far from the traditional minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. GoS unveils a new version of its Sarek watch, with a mother of pearl dial that glows in dark. The watch is available in two sizes, 43mm and 31.5mm. There are only 10 copies of each size.Johan Gustafsson, Patrik Sjorgen founded GoS Watches Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica in 2007. This micro-indie brand was unique and stood out from the rest. Robin Nooy, our contributor, has been following GoS Watches for many years. You can see the inspiration and artisanal vocation in each of his articles here. The show was a Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica two-man show that produced 40 watches per year. Both men were passionate about ancient Scandinavian folklore, and they decided to give the brand a Viking flair. Gustafsson, a master bladesmith, brought his Damascus-forged Damascus Steel Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica to the show, and Patrik Sjogren, a master watchmaker, worked on the mechanical aspects, assembly, and hand finishes.Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica

Sjorgen says Bell & Ross Replica Watches, "We grew to admire the handicrafts in our culture so it is Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica safe to say that we have it in their backbone." The final product is no different to the forged steel dials and cases created by Gustafsson, which was inspired by the Viking Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica metallurgists. However, the finished product shows high quality finishing and attention. Sarek was launched in 2016. Its colourful Damascus-steel dials reflected the changing landscapes and skylines of the Sarek National Park, Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica Sweden, at different times of year and day

Gustafsson & Chopard Replica Sjorgen decided to move away from the Damascene Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica dials that were used in former Sarek models. They wanted a material that would capture the orange hues of sunset and the glacier's icy blues. Mother-of-pearl is the ideal Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica material for letting light and colour shine through its surface. Both watches' dials feature a small amount of mother-of pearl that glows in daylight with a baby or dusky pink hue. The dials are coloured by the use of Swiss Super-LumiNova, a premium Swiss Super-LumiNova.Sjogren explained that the coloured luminescent Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica material can be painted on the back side of the mother of pearl. He believes that GoS was the first brand to employ this technique and has filed a patent application. In low light Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica conditions, the Super-LumiNova's true effect can be best appreciated. The Sunset dial glows fiery orange, while the Glacier glows intensely and almost supernaturally blue. The dial does not have any indices and the hour markers are marked by semi-circular perforations in the chapter rings that reveal the colour of the Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica mother-of pearl dial. The index ring's more technical design was inspired by an old Viking brooch. As you would expect from a brand that values its warrior roots, the hands of the index ring are shaped like heads of Viking spears.Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica

Johan Gustafsson Bell & Ross Replica Watches, a Viking ancestor, strikes the anvil at his forge Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica outside Norsholm in Sweden. Vikings are well-known for their swords. They used a pattern welding technique to create a early composite material that was stronger, longer and Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica sharper. Pattern-welded steel, also known as Damascus or Damascus metal, was developed by various ancient civilisations. It involved folding layers upon layers of metals to create Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica a unique swirling pattern. Gustafsson earned worldwide fame for his hand-forged Damascus Steel. Gustafsson was keen to make Damascus stainless steel more useful than knives, so he approached Sjorgen in 2007 to forge GoS Watches. The dial on the new Sarek models doesn't feature Gustafssonā€™s Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica signature swirling Damascene steel pattern, but the bezel is made by his forge.Bell & Ross BR 03 Replica